St Patrick’s Day – Why do we Celebrate St Patrick? [A Complete Guide]

Why do we Celebrate St Patrick’s Day?

St Patricks Day. This is one of the national as well as religious holidays which is celebrated throughout the globe on 17th of March every year.

It is highly interesting to see that Irish people celebrate St Patrick’s Day because of its holiness. Whereas, American’s consider it as a secular holiday, where people tend to gather either for the praying purposes or to carry out certain kind of parade.

You must be thinking that what’s the reason behind celebrating St Patrick’s Day in two different ways and why do we celebrate St Patrick’s Day anyway?

Well, we will be answering these questions in a while, however, on the other hand, it is important to understand that every religious, as well as secular holiday, should be respected by every individual because different cultures and their origins help us in building a relationship with other people.


St Patricks Day

St Patricks Day


Why do we Celebrate St Patricks Day?


History of St Patrick:


  • Who was St Patrick?

    Just like us, Patrick’s was a common man with the name of Maewyn Succat. He was born to a rich family in Kilpatrick, Scotland in 387 AD.


  • How he went to Ireland?

    When Saint Patrick was 16 years old, he was captivated by the Irish people and spent half of his life in Ireland as a slave. (almost 6 years)


  • Was St Patrick Irish?

    No. Initially many people believed that St Patrick was Irish however, it isn’t true. During his slave life in Ireland, he spent half of his time in learning about the customs, traditions, life style and religion of the Druids.


  • How St Patrick came back and what He Did?

During his slave life, St Patrick saw a dream in which God was speaking to him and He told St Patrick that ‘your ship is ready’. St Patrick took the message as a chance to escape and he successfully escaped from the Irish land with the help of the Ship.


  • Voice of Irish:

When St. Patrick became successful in returning back to his hometown then, soon after his return, he received a letter from a person in Ireland who begged him to come back. The letter had the title of ‘Voice of Irish’


  • The purpose of the Letter:

The purpose of the ‘Voice of Irish’ was to make St Patrick aware of the fact that Ireland is suffering in the terms of religion and Irish people are in the dire need of right education about Christianity.


  • The revival of Christianity:

St Patrick received and accepted the ‘Voice of Irish’ and decided to move to Ireland just to revive the Christianity and inform people about their true and religious beginnings.


  • Initial Struggles:

It is true that during the initial stages, St Patrick faced a lot of problems and people refused his teaching, however, due to his past learnings, he become successful in teaching people about their religion and why they are created.

Soon after all the hard work, the Irish people started to accept the message of St Patrick. The most common reason which helped the St Patrick was linked with the languages and symbols used during the teaching process.

For instance, he took help from Shamrock, the sacred clover for Druids and introduced it as a symbol of Trinity. Since then, the St Patrick Day is celebrated throughout the year to recognize the immense efforts of St Patrick.


  • Beginning of St Patrick’s Day and Its Celebrations:

Now every year, the St Patrick Day is celebrated on 17th of March to represent the Irish culture. On this day, the Irish people tend to wear a green color dress and have themed green parties to recognize all the efforts of St Patrick.


St Patricks Day

St Patricks Day


  • History behind the Flag of St Patrick

It won’t be wrong to state that there is no valid history behind the flag of St Patrick’s Day or even the Northern Ireland.

If we talk about the commonality between the dress of St Patrick and his flag then, many people have this perception that the cross on St Patrick’s flag is the representation of the Christian faith which is further backed by the red color.

However, other researchers argue that St Patrick’s flag is just a common symbol, which can be used to represent the peace, the content of the heart and red color, which is used to represent aggressive the efforts.


St Patricks Day

St Patricks Day


  • How St Patrick’s Day is celebrated?


As we have discussed before that St Patrick’s Day is celebrated in two different ways. The main reason behind the two different type of celebrations is that American’s consider St Patrick’s Day as a national day whereas Irish people celebrate it as a religious day and to recall the spirit of their religion.

Now in this section of our article, we will be talking about the traditions of celebrating St Patrick’s Day in both the continents and who are the basis recipients of the St Patrick’s Day.


  • Celebrations of St Patrick’s Day in Ireland

It won’t be wrong to state that the real recipients of St Patrick’s Day are the Irish people and it is certainly not a big deal for them to celebrate this day with perfection.

As St Patrick’s Day is also celebrated as the Independence Day, therefore, Irish people tend to celebrate this day with all their hearts and aim to inform the entire world about the party pattern of Irish.

One of the most common ways of celebrating St Patrick Day is by carrying out Parades and wear the green. However, today we will be shedding lights on the detailed celebrations of St Patrick’s Day which will be in line with the real spirit of St Patrick’s Day.


  • Celebrations of St Patricks Day in Rural Areas

It is quite interesting to see that St Patrick’s Day is celebrated in the most traditional manner in some of the parts of Ireland. For instance, if we talk about the rural Irish people then, they tend to celebrate the St Patrick’s Day by spending half of their day on Island with the traditional music.

According to a number of Irish people, the basic purpose behind the celebrations of St Patrick’s Day is to appreciate the efforts of the St Patrick and recall all the good memories by gathering together.


Praying Together

It won’t be wrong to state that St Patrick’s Day basically initiates with some good prayers, which are linked with the prosperity of the Christian people and the religious success.


Dancing and partying all Day long:

Once Irish people are done with praying then, next step of celebrating St Patrick’s Day is all about dancing together on the traditional music and partying till the sun is set.

On the St Patrick’s Day people also tend to drink just for the sake of the party, however, in most of the cities of Ireland, it is recommended to people to avoid the high-intensity drinks in order to avoid next day hangovers or any mishaps.


St Patricks Day Wishes and Greeting Cards

Another most common way of celebrating St Patrick’s Day is linked with sending wishes and greeting cards to our friends and family members. St Patrick’s Day wishes are usually loaded with immense love and care for the other person.

If you are looking for some beautifully crafted St Patrick’s Day wishes. Then, check out our website and you can easily find some amazing and ready-to-send St Patrick’s Day wishes.


St Patricks Day

St Patricks Day


  • Celebrations of  St Patrick’s Day in the City

It is true that St Patrick’s Day is celebrated in a similar manner in the big cities of Ireland. However, city people tend to celebrate this day collectively in the form of parades.


Parades of St Patricks Day

In the parades of St Patrick’s Day, people of the city are supposed to wake-up early in the morning. Also, to start their day with the basic St Patrick’s Day prayers.

Once people are done with the prayers then, they start leaving their homes and prepare to meet their old friends or family members.


Wear the Holy Green

Another one of the important traditions being followed by a masses in Ireland is known as wearing green color. According to the few researchers, the green color is the symbol of independence for some people

Moreover, some people consider it as a holy color because it reminds them of St Patrick’s and his efforts.


History of Green Color on St Patrick’ Day

As we are talking about the holiness of green color. Therefore, it is equally important to shed some light on the history of green color on St Patricks Day.

Some people believe that green color is the representation of Irish land i.e. good agriculture. However, on the other hand, the religious authorities believe that green color was introduced by the people of the 16th century. It was done in order to distinguish between the political history and religious history.

For instance, some researchers own the opinion that green was actually blue at the time of St Patrick. It used to represent the Order, which is also called as Order of Knight.  However, soon after the 16th century, the color of government flag was introduced and it was royal blue.

So the religious authorities decided to change the color of Order of Knight from blue to green. To associate the same color with the St Patrick’s Day because of the very same reason. Now on St Patrick’s Day each and every individual aim to paint their face with green, wear green and even drink green.


  • Dishes of St Patricks Day

As each and every thing is special about the St Patrick’s Day. Therefore, the dishes of this day are also very special.

If we talk about some of the common dishes which are created or even recreated on St Patrick’s Day. Then, the most common one is called as Cabbage and Corned beef.

It is interesting to see that Corned Beef and Cabbage is not only created on the Irish land. However, people living in America also aim to recreate the dish just to remember the spirit of St Patrick’s Day.

Another most common thing which is usually consumed on the St Patrick’s Day is called as Irish soda bread. It is made with no yeast and green lime for all day long celebrations.


St Patricks Day

St Patricks Day


Why St Patricks Day is celebrated in America?

You must be thinking that if St Patrick’s Day is the festival of Irish people so why American’s are so interested in celebrating this day?

Well, there is a big story behind the celebrations and parades of St Patrick’s Day in America.


16th Century

In the 16th century during the revival phase of Christianity. Some Irish people decided to migrate from Ireland to America.

When the Irish people started the migration process. Then, many people from the same origin started to follow their friends. In this way mass, Irish immigration took place.

When Irish people started to integrate with American’s. They took the advantage of the opportunity and started to celebrate St Patricks Day on 17th of March every year.

Many Irish soldiers and common people started to participate in the long Parades.

Since many Irish people were living and working in America. Therefore, this factor forced the government authorities to declare St Patricks Day as the national holiday.


17th Century

In the 17th century, few American’s also started to celebrate the St Patrick’s Day by taking a day off from their work.

As this day is more about meeting and greeting each other. Therefore, American’s had no problem with the celebrations and they happily participated in them.

After some time, few American’s also decided to change their faith. This eventually resulted in the growth of Irish people.


Interesting Fact about St Patricks Day

In America, there are currently 37.4 million Irish people who are legally living. As well as celebrating St Patricks Day at the moment.

St Patricks Day is also said to be one of the biggest events in the month of March. Because of long parades and celebrations.

If you are an American and wants to share some good words with your family living in Ireland on the day of St Patrick’s. Then, don’t forget to visit our website because we have compiled the list of some amazing and loved filled St Patricks Day wishes for our visitors.


  • Cooking of Corned Beef and Cabbage

If you are thinking that American’s only celebrate the St Patricks Day just by carrying out the parades. You are wrong!

According to a number of researchers, every year around 26.1 million is cooked in America. This is further consumed with Cabbage. The estimated total production of Cabbage on early basis is 2.3 billion.


  • St Patricks Day as National Holiday

The above American history of St Patrick’s Day makes it very clear that why we celebrate St Patricks Day. Also, what is cultural as well as the religious importance of this amazing day.

So are you interested about the celebrations of upcoming St Patricks Day? What are your plans?

Make us aware of your thoughts by leaving your comments below in the comment section.

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