Why Do We Celebrate Labor Day? A Complete Guide


Do you ever though why do we celebrate labor day? If yes then read this article for complete information and interesting facts.Labor Day is one of the special days for a number of people because of two major reasons. The first and foremost reason is all about getting a day off and another reason is linked with saying hello to the new weather.


why do we celebrate labor day


It is interesting to state that Labor Day is celebrated on different dates in different parts of the world. In the United States Labor Day is celebrated in the first week of September however if we look at the Asian and European Calendars then, this day is celebrated on May 1.

Well, you must be thinking what’s the reason behind celebrating Labor Day on two different dates? Here is the history!





Labor Day is celebrated throughout the globe because it is one of those days which is dedicated to the working class of the entire world. It has been observed that Labor Day is celebrated in America on the first Monday of every September.  The Labor Day which is also abbreviated as the international worker’s day was initiated by the socially dominated organizations and specifically Grover Cleveland in 1894 for recognizing the efforts of every laborer and pay them tribute for their hard-work.  Now Labor Day is celebrated as a federal holiday throughout the America.

It is important to understand that initially American’s used to celebrate Labor Day on the first of every May, however, they stopped to do so because of the killing of some prominent leaders in the Labor Day rally. However, the prints of Labor Day on May 1 can still be traced in some parts of the Chicago though the number of people celebrating Labor Day on May is quite low.Soon after the killing of some prominent personalities in September 1882 some partially radical parties started their campaigning and tried to shift the interest of Laborers towards the radical program with the vision of celebrating Labor Day in the first week of September.

Communist and Social Activists became successful in convincing the Labor union that September is the most appropriate date for the celebration of Labor Day thus all the rallies and greetings should be carried out in September.


U.S. President Barack Obama delivers remarks at Laborfest 2014 at Maier Festival Park in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Sept. 1, 2014. Picture Source : https://www.voanews.com/a/us-celebrates-labor-day/2434369.html

Europe and Asia

As Labor Day was initiated by the American socialists, therefore, all the labor unions in Europe and Asia started to follow the same trend and started celebrating Labor Day on May 1.

If we look at the basic goal of Labor Day then, it was initiated to combine all the labors from Europe, Asia, and America and bring them on the same page so that they can join hands to bring changes in the system of daily wages and how labors are treated in the organizations. It is very crucial to understand that many socialist tried their best to bring all the countries all together however, they failed to do so because Americans were following the separate principles while on the other hand, European and Asians were satisfied with celebrating Labor Day on May 1.


The Real Reason for Celebrating Labor Day

If we examine the real reasons behind the celebration of the Labor Day then, it is very interesting to see that Labor Day is the result of Labor movements that were carried out on the 18th during the first week of September. The movements by Labor union of America was started to protest against the bad working conditions in some of the giant American organizations such as lack of protection for Labors during the employment hours, never-ending wage hours and unequal distribution of wages.

Labor unions decided to carry out their protest in a smooth manner, however, due to some political reasons, the strikes and protest started to get polluted and later converted into some unwanted riots.One of the biggest riots of that time is labeled as Haymarket Riot where many people especially police men were killed due to the bombing in Chicago.Nevertheless, after few years, Labor unions decided again to protest against the rights of Labor and they majorly focused on being as smooth as possible in their protest and rallies.

Moreover, it is important to understand that after the successful smooth riots during the first week of September, labor unions established the foundations of the Labor Day and since then, Labor Day is celebrated in the America on the same day.


why do we celebrate labor day


Who founded the Labor Day?

You must be thinking that who is that greatest person who established the pillars of Labor Day and convinced the entire society to appreciate the efforts of all the workers? Well, what if I tell you that nobody actually knows about the founder of Labor Day because according to the history researchers, people of America started to celebrate this day in the 19th century and rest of the world decided to follow the American.

According to the researchers of U.S Department of Labors, it is difficult to give the foundation credits of Labor Day to the one specific person because during the 19th century nobody was aware of the fact that roots of Labor Day have started to grow deep down in the mind of McGuire.


How is Labor Day celebrated throughout the Globe?

As we have already discussed about the origin of the Labor Day and why this day is celebrated on two different days, therefore, in this section of the article you would be able to find information about the celebration of the Labor Day, how people of the different regions aim to send Labor Day wishes to each other and what things they plan to do. It is quite interesting to see that different countries celebrate Labor Day in different ways. Some people prefer to stay at home and enjoy the holiday, however, others prefer to join the protesting rallies in order to change the prevailing labor conditions.

If we separately consider the Europeans and Americans, and how they plan to celebrate this day then, one common factor which can easily be tracked down is linked with sending Labor Day wishes to each other and appreciating efforts with the help of some motivational words and quotes.

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If we link the celebration of Labor Day with its main purposes then, it is clear that Labor Day cannot be celebrated without going on the roads in the form of rallies. The protest rallies which are initiated on Labor Day holds the vision of informing the world that Labors are also the human beings and they also deserve some rights. You must be thinking that Labor Day wishes should only be sent to those individuals who are working on the daily basis or on the basis of hours because they are the ones who are forced to face the unwanted conditions.

However, it is very crucial to understand that nowadays each and every organization aims to hire the staff on lower wages so that the company can earn more profit without compromising its labor force. Labors are basically those people who are responsible for the entire profit of an organization and if they are not ready to work well then, it would be really difficult for the company to make its customers happy.

For instance, if we consider the example of some of the fashion and textile giants of America then, American companies aim to get the designer clothes stitched from the needy people of Bangladesh at the cheapest wage rate of $1 per dress and tends to sell the same dress for $15 to its customers.

Now if we examine the conditions of people in Bangladesh then, it is very heart wrenching to state that because of the unwanted political and economic conditions, and lack of proper education, the people of the undeveloped countries are forced to work for $1. You must be thinking that why these people agree to work? Well, it is important to understand that these underpaid workers are forced to perform their duties because usually they are the sole bread earners and are responsible for fulfilling the expenses of their family.

Moreover, these workers are not only underpaid however, they are not even provided with any sort of health insurance or any life safety. If we take the example of one of the deadliest building collapses in the history of Bangladesh then, Rana garment plaza is one of such example, which killed around 2000 people. It won’t be wrong to state that Labor Day is celebrated throughout the globe to remember those people who have sacrificed their precious lives just because of the worst working conditions and Labor Day rallies and protests aims to save the life of those people who are exposed to the danger of getting killed.

If you are also against the bad labor conditions then, follow the next section of this article and learn that how you can contribute to saving some precious lives without becoming a part of any protest or rally.


Why do we send Labor Day wishes?

You must be thinking about the fact that if labor day has got such depressing story then, what’s the purpose of sending Labor Day wishes to each other. Well, it is important to understand that Labor Day and history associated with this occasion hold a significant value in the life of each and every worker and because of the very same reason, different people tend to celebrate this occasion in a different manner.

Now we will be talking about how different entities celebrate Labor Day and what sort of wishes they send to each other. As different people have a different perception, therefore, we will be talking about the labor day from the perspective of Labor Unions, organizations, and employees.


  • Labor Day and Labor Unions:

As Labor unions exist to provide every sort of services to the Laborers, therefore, these unions aim to celebrate the holiday of Labor day by gathering together in the form of big rallies.

These unions usually start working for the Labor Day almost a month before and prepare all sort of banners and statements which are capable of telling people that Laborers are also the human beings and they should be given rights.

Moreover, these unions aim to send Labor Day wishes to the member of a Labor union in the form of small cards, which are actually treated as motivational cards and holds the vision of boosting the confidence of each and every member.


  • Labor Day and Organizations

It is interesting to see that organizations perceive Labor Day as a day to appreciate the efforts of their workers and to thank them for their remarkable performance. If we look at the Labor day from the perspective of unions then, it actually seems more intense however, big organizations tend to celebrate this day by throwing a small party for the workers and their families.

The workers of the organization are also awarded small token of appreciation and thankfulness. It is quite nice to consider that such organizations consider their every employee as someone special and they aim to appreciate every employee regardless of their position or title.   


  • Labor Day and Employees

Now if we talk about how employees tend to celebrate the Labor Day and what sort of Labor Day wishes they send to each other. Well, employees usually tend to celebrate this day at home however, they prefer to send Labor Day wishes to their fellow employees just to boost their morale.

The labor day wishes which are sent by the employees usually consist of words of wisdom, prosperity and good luck for the future.

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Interesting Fact about Labor Day:

In 2008, Labor day was named as the second deadliest holiday of the year because on that particular day many people lost their lives due to undetermined traffic accidents, however, in 2013, Forbes named Labor Day as fourth Deadliest occasion because of the very same reason.