thanksgiving celebrations
thanksgiving celebrations

Thanksgiving Celebrations – Why do we Celebrate Thanksgiving?

Why do we Celebrate Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving celebrations occur on the fourth Thursday of every November, a family feast or a family holiday is celebrated by the Americans, Canadians and some Caribbean countries.

Similarly, German and Japanese tend to celebrate the occasion of Thanksgiving with the name of the festival holiday. As Thanksgiving accounts for the gazetted holiday throughout the world, therefore, it is important to shed light on its origin, history, how it is celebrated and why do we celebrate Thanksgiving.

Acquiring knowledge about the in-depth history of Thanksgiving will not only help in understanding its knowledge, however, it will also facilitate you in linking the roots of every holiday being celebrated by the people throughout the world.

thanksgiving celebrations

thanksgiving celebrations

Meaning of Thanksgiving

As the name suggests, Thanksgiving refers to the giving of thanks and celebrating the assets because they are gifted by some powerful entity.

According to the text present in Bible, Thanksgiving is celebrated in order to pay tribute to the God for His immense mercy on the human kind.

Moreover, Thanksgiving is celebrated at the end of the harvest period i.e. November because Christian people believe that food harvested during the end of the season is the special mercy of the God and it helps in maintaining the sustainability on the earth.

The roots of Thanksgiving can easily be found in the religions trees and cultural trends. Some countries tend to celebrate this day because of its religious significance while others are more interested in fine dining with family and consumption of whole food such as Turkey, Pumpkin, and side dishes.

Additionally, the fun of this day is enhanced with the help of American parades, American football games, and many other activities, which facilitate in combing the families together, remembering old good times and paying thanks to the God for all the blessings received throughout the year.


History of Thanksgiving Celebrations

Thanksgiving is the festival which started making its place in history back in 1620’s during the period of autumn harvest which was initially shared by the Plymouth colonist and the Indians.

During 16 and 17th century, the thanks giving was celebrated only by the individual states and no government body ever recognized the day of autumn harvest as something significant, however, during the Civil War, in 18th century, Abraham Lincoln decided to make the day of Thanksgiving official by announcing holiday on the fourth Thursday of November.


Religious Separatists and Thanksgiving

According to the historians, Thanksgiving is celebrated by the Plymouth religious separatists because during the 16th century few religious leaders become successful in getting rid of those individuals who were causing problems for the faith of Plymouth people.

During that period, around 102 passengers decided to look out for the land where they could celebrate their faith freely without the interruption from any other religious party. Despite facing a lot of problems during the travel, the Plymouth religious separatists remained consistent on their mission.

Some historians have mentioned that Plymouth separatists were forced to quit their mission however, God blessed them and helped them in finding the perfect land and because of the very same reason, now Thanksgiving is celebrated throughout the Caribbean region.

thanksgiving celebrations

thanksgiving celebrations

Corn Harvest and Thanksgiving Celebrations

Americans celebrate the Thanksgiving during the harvesting season of corn and gather in the form of groups to thank God for His blessings. During that period Pilgrims used to harvest the corn and present them in a beautiful manner to the American Allies, which was further treated as a symbol of Thanksgiving.

Most of the Americans tend to continue the celebrations of Thanksgiving for three days however, Canadians only celebrate Thanksgiving only on the particular day.

thanksgiving celebrations

thanksgiving celebrations

Thanksgiving, a day for Prayer than Feast

Most of the religious scholars hold an opinion that Thanksgiving is basically a day on which people should get together for the purpose of praying rather than having fine food.

In 1621, the pilgrims celebrated the day because of its religious significance rather than societal importance. However, if we scrutinize the celebrations of Thanksgiving in the 20th century then, it is pretty clear that this day has now become a day of feasting for a number of people where everyone gathers to have parades, food and a lot of fun.

thanksgiving celebrations

thanksgiving celebrations

History of Thanksgiving and Paradise in the world

As the roots of Thanksgiving is present in several parts of the social formation as well as the religious foundations, therefore, every single person belonging from a certain identity try to associate the day with their own self.

Same is the case with the celebrations of Thanksgiving.

According to the Puritans, on the day of Thanksgiving, some religious zealots were traveling by ship in an open sea and were looking for the land, however, they failed to find any proper fence and during that period, certain English settlers tried to rob their ship

English settlers not only robbed their assets however, they took all the young natives with them and made them slaves for the entire life. Rest of the people on the boat were brutally killed and this event gave rise to the bloodiest war between Pequot and Squanto.

Later on, after the mass killing, both the nations agreed on establishing the foundations on a peace agreement between both the countries. This event took place on fourth Thursday of November and because of the very same reason now Thanksgiving celebrations are carried out throughout the world on that particular day.

thanksgiving celebrations

thanksgiving celebrations

Killing of Pequot Tribe

In 1637, on the day of Thanksgiving, around 700 men were killed by the English and Dutch for no valid reason.

According to the historian, in November 1637, the Pequot tribe was celebrating the harvest of corn and around 700 men were gathered together to have a good time. During that period, Dutch attacked the town and asked the men of every house to step outside.

On their arrival, the army of Dutch and English killed the unarmed men with the help of high-end bullets. Additionally, the children and women were burnt alive and were buried in their houses because they refused to step out because of extreme danger.

Since more than 700 unarmed people were killed during the event, therefore, Thanksgiving is celebrated to remember them and the season of corn harvest.

The history of Thanksgiving Day and its celebrations is quite long however, it is interesting to observe that origin of the day is entirely connected with the season of corn harvest.

Rest of the history can be called as an extension of the day, which is narrated by the people of different religions, culture, tribes, and societies.

Some people associate the celebrations and day of Thanksgiving with the blessing of God while other consider it as a sign of misfortune.

Though every society, culture, and religion have different origins and regardless of the contradictory information, the events should be regarded as significant and should be equally respected.


Celebrations of Thanksgiving Day

Every country celebrates Thanksgiving in a different manner. Some people tend to have a feast while others are more interested in paying tribute to God in the form of all day long parades.

So you must be thinking that what is the right way of celebrating Thanksgiving Day? Well, continue reading!


Celebrations in the United States

The traditional celebrations of Thanksgiving Day revolve around paying tribute to Indians, feasting with lavish food and having good family time, however, these traditional celebrations are further modified by people according to their own conveyance and needs.


· Pardoning of Turkey by the US President

The most common tradition practiced on the day of Thanksgiving is the pardoning of alive Turkey by the US president. In this tradition, the high officials send a live Turkey to the president with the alternative one and president is supposed to pardon the Turkey by allowing him to live in his farms for the rest of his life.

However, the alternative Turkey is added to the menu list which is later on enjoyed by the officials and considered as a part of Thanksgiving celebrations.

thanksgiving celebrations

thanksgiving celebrations

· Special Tribute to Indians

The celebrations of Thanksgiving Day are dedicated especially to the Indian Pilgrims who actually taught the suffering people in 1620’s about the cooking and consumption of the food. This tradition is again revived and celebrated by offering lavish food to the Indians.

Additionally, a tribute is also paid to them for their immense efforts. After the native tribute, all the people are supposed to turn back to the God and thanks him for sending the Indians for the help of suffering people during the corn harvest season.

thanksgiving celebrations

thanksgiving celebrations

· Gifting Traditions

Thanksgiving gifts and wishes have always been a crucial part of the entire event. Different kinds of Thanksgiving gifts and wishes are selected by people for enhancing the overall beauty of the day and make it more worthwhile for the entire family.

Most of the people usually prefer to go for family items such as family photo frame or pendants or rings so that people might remember them for the entire life time.

You can easily look out for some beautifully crafted Thanksgiving Day wishes on our website by scrolling down the wishes section.


· Preparations for Feast and Turkey

As feasting with Turkey and the lavish food is the most important part of the Thanksgiving celebrations, therefore, many people start preparing and selecting dishes for the day beforehand.

Full-oven baked a turkey with traditional spices and other side lines such as Pumpkins, candies and non-vegetarian items are presented before the family. However, some people believe that celebrations of Thanksgiving Day should be purely vegetarian in nature because this day is celebrated to remember the efforts and killing of people during the harvesting season of corn.

Despite having a vegetarian origin, many people still give preference to the Turkey on Thanksgiving Day.


· Arrangements for Black Friday

The celebrations of Thanksgiving Day are further enhanced due to the arrival of Black Friday on 25th November.

Though it is true that many people confuse the origin of Thanksgiving Day with the Black Friday and further with the Cyber Monday. However, these two days are more about celebrating and enjoying the shopping time with families rather than paying Tribute to the God or Native Indians.


So how you are planning to celebrate the Thanksgiving Day? Make us aware by leaving your comments below.


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